Lujan Matus

Lujan Matus describes himself as a humble man who has had profound experiences. At the age of seven he was initiated into a lineage of ancient shamans and instructed in the parallel realms of dreaming and waking realities. His primary teacher and benefactor was the old nagual Lujan, who imparted to him many treasures, including a variety of shamanic movement series.

A nagual is a teacher in the shamanic tradition; a guide who assists others to enter into an enhanced awareness and altered perception. Lujan Matus is carrying on in the tradition of his benefactor to assist people all over the world to expand their potential and achieve greater fulfillment in their lives.

Lujan emphasizes the necessity of developing a clear connection to bodily awareness. As such, special movements and exercises are an important aspect of his approach to help others to access their personal power.

However, these are not simply physical exercises and have a different effect than going for a jog or doing a weight training routine at the gym. Rather they have an impact on the energetic body that the initiate will discover immediately upon commencing to practice these unique movements.

Shamanic movements can act like a portal to allow the practitioner to experience a moment’s pause. This provides access to hidden aspects within their being as kinesthetic memories are released from the deep connective tissues of the body.

The following are descriptions of the various shamanic energetic movement series’ that are taught by Lujan Matus. He offers these unique teachings in group workshops and private tuition sessions in various locations around the world.

Dragon’s Tears

When practicing the graceful and fluid movements of Dragon’s Tears you will gain an increased awareness of the way that your energy moves around and within your body. As your sensitivity increases, you will become adept at observing changes in electromagnetic fields.
This series of movements promotes the entry into a profound state of inner silence that facilitates a direct connection with spirit.

Thunder Dance

This is a combination of rhythmic movements that are performed with the feet with the intention to connect to the emanations of energy from the earth. The cardiovascular system is also invigorated in this process.

The combined effect is that anything that may be obstructing the natural flow of energy through the heart center is eradicated. The heart chakra becomes open and a deep sensation of stillness is created within one’s being.

Earth Energy Tapping

The Earth Energy Tapping Series is a physically invigorating practice that supports the development of an unbending intent in the shaman practitioner.

As you engage in the practice you will sense a powerful flow of energy pulsating through your body. This experience fosters the identification of blockages in energy centers, or chakras, so that they can be released.

Through consistent and disciplined practice of this series you will build your physical energetic power, while attaining an unobstructed flow of energy throughout your body.

The Three Treasures

Ancient shamans regarded The Three Treasures as the secret of vitality, happiness and longevity. By harnessing the energy of the sexual center you will become awakened to the grounding and transformative effect of this element.

Without attempting to grasp the power that is accessed, you will cultivate this energy with steadfast fortitude. In doing so you will build your personal power, while maintaining an expanded awareness of the independence of universal forces.

Flexibility is developed and enhanced in the physical body and this is reflected as an increased fluidity within every aspect of the shaman’s perception.

The Jaguar Series

The energy of the jaguar acts as a trigger that enlivens dormant gravitational forces on the left and right sides of the body. These movements serve to open a gateway to awaken certain aspects of dreaming awareness and amplify lucidity. This allows the shaman to gain access to facets of attention that were previously hidden from view.

Dragon’s Tears and Earth Energy Tapping act as the foundation for this series that contains martial arts secrets from the shamans of ancient China. It incorporates a combination of graceful and explosive movements that open up energy channels.

This series will sustain and reinforce the development of the “formless warrior” as the mind becomes empty while the body is engaged in a continuous flow.

The Lotus Series

The beautiful and elegant movements that comprise The Lotus Series have a unique capacity to activate subtle frequencies of light to facilitate the absorption of electromagnetic energy. This energy can then be assimilated and tapped into as an essential resource that can be accessed to enhance your journey on the path to personal enlightenment.

Small Mountain Series

In this series you will engage in specific physical movements that you perform both alone and in cooperation with another practitioner. These practices increase your awareness of the manifestation of intent that is revealed as your body consciousness develops through connectivity with another.

You will learn to focus with enhanced clarity as your third eye awareness is rotated to view from directly ahead while being affected by the multidimensional aspect of this chakra.

It teaches relaxed concentration and a single mindedness, which, like bamboo, is firmly grounded yet simultaneously, compartmentalized to provide a depth of body consciousness that is understood, yet released immediately in each retrospective moment.

The Mayan Winged Serpent Series

These movements are performed with the upper body as you maintain a static stance, which gently builds physical strength and endurance. Beneath the feet a wellspring is created and energy flows up and through the hands to embrace the sky.

This series is done once a month in conjunction with the appearance of the full moon. You will learn to absorb the energy of the moon from three mysterious aspects, so as to utilize its healing potential and gain familiarity with a profound sense of quietude.

Shamanic Movement Workshops and Private Shamanic Tuition

To learn more about books, workshops, seminars and online programs offered by Lujan Matus visit his website Parallel Perception.

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